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New game announcement: Technobabylon!

8 January 2015

Hello folks! As always, it is with great pleasure to announce our next game. In partnership with James Dearden (of Technocrat Games) we bring you… Technobabylon! A cyberpunk game coming this Spring! Technobabylon takes place in a dystopian cyberpunk future where genetic engineering is the norm, the addictive Trance has replaced almost any need for human interaction, and an

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A Golden Wake is OUT!

15 October 2014

At long last it is out! Francisco Gonzalez’s A Golden Wake is now available to buy and play on PC, Mac and Linux! You can also buy it on Steam or GOG if you are into that kind of thing. If you pre-ordered the game, you should have already received a link to your download and your free soundtrack. If

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A Golden Wake demo is now available!

2 October 2014

So there might be a few people out there who are on the fence about buying A Golden Wake. To these people, know this: We understand. You’re skeptical. You want to try it before you buy it. And now you can. For the first time, we have a demo available for all three major platforms. You can play the

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Blackwells 1-3 are part of the Humble Bundle with Android

23 September 2014

The Mac, Linux and Android versions of the first three Blackwell games have made their debut on 11th PC and Android Humble Bundle! From now until October 7th, you can nab Blackwells Legacy, Unbound and Convergence for whatever you would like to pay – and you get bunches of other games besides! Also included in the bundle are: Thomas Was

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Blackwell Epiphany has been updated to Version 1.1!

29 August 2014

Hi all. The long awaited update to Blackwell Epiphany is finally here. The latest version includes the following changes: “Softly, softly” achievement can now be properly activated. Fixed bug in conversation with Jim Peebles where you could be stuck talking to him with no way to progress or exit the conversation. Fixed bug where you could download the

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Blackwell Epiphany is on sale until August 28th

22 August 2014

We are proud to be part of’s Dirty Dozen Discount sale! Show Me The Games is a website dedicated to encouraging gamers to purchase games directly from the developers’ webstores. As part of that initiative, from now until August 28th Blackwell Epiphany is on sale for 40% off – but only if you purchase directly from this website. There are lots

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