Technobabylon is now available for pre-order!

29 April 2015


Technobabylon is now available for pre-order!

Why buy early, you might wonder? Because of all the extra goodies you get. That’s why. Pre-order before the May 21st launch and you’ll get the following:

  • Digital soundtrack — an hour of cyberpunk tunes composed by Gemini Rue’s Nathan Allen Pinard
  • Behind-the-scenes video of voiceover recording sessions
  • Production art gallery including concept art, 3D models, full-size character portraits, and more
  • The Technobabylon Codex — PDF booklet providing backstory and context for the game’s vast cyberpunk world
  • Exclusive desktop wallpaper

All of these goodies are preorder exclusives, and will be delivered by email on or before May 21. You’ll also get the game as a DRM-free download from the Wadjet Eye Games website, or a Steam key.

For more information about the game, including screenshots and a spiffy new trailer, check out the Technobabylon page on this website.

Or you can bypass all of that and pre-order directly from here:

Thanks and we hope you enjoy the game!

-Dave, Janet, James, et all

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17 Responses

  1. al on 29/04/15 @ 12:38 pm

    when are last blackwell games coming to linux?? 🙂

    This technobabylon looks good. i usually dont pre-order but the “Behind-the-scenes video of voiceover recording sessions” really had me interested… sadly no linux, or creditcard option…

    ill wait until the port and the upload to steam or humble store if those ever happen

    and a final question. I understand pre-orders to grab cash before the game is out long before the game is out… but the pre-order of only 3 week? whats the benefit for you? its seems more work setting it up than the potential turnover… just out of curiosity 🙂

    • Dave Gilbert on 29/04/15 @ 1:26 pm

      You can use your credit card if you pay with paypal!

      The reason for the 3 week pre-order is because the month leading up to launch is the period of biggest hype and marketing. We’re pushing the game REALLY hard during that time, so it makes sense to ask for your money then. It is impossible to maintain that kind of momentum for several months or years at a time. So we do it this way. It’s worked for us in the past!

      • al on 29/04/15 @ 2:07 pm

        Oh, i see… makes sense, Although I think this kind of game (old-looking graphic adventure) have loyal and fixed user-base… and not many people outside of us is going to buy… but it was just curiosity. I probably have no idea what im talking about… I dont sell them, I just play them 🙂

        Is there progress in the rest of the blackwell saga ported? I liked it very much. Was it worth porting it money-wise? is technobabylon coming?


        PS: I deleted my of paypal account after I was clearly scammed on ebay along with hundreds of people and after opening a dispute, paypal sided with the scammer… it happened twice…

        At that time they were blocking funds to wikileaks as well… so it was a no-brainer to delete my account. This was 7-8 years ago… and I did just fine so far 🙂

        • Dave Gilbert on 29/04/15 @ 2:31 pm

          Well, my whole family is supported on these games (including our 2 year old daughter) so make of that what you will. 🙂

          The porting of Blackwell 4 & 5 (as well as everything else) has taken a hit for two reasons. 1 – Apple released an iOS update that completely broke the way our ports work. And 2 – Janet , who handles the ports, has been going through some medical issues (nothing serious, don’t worry) and it’s slowed her down significantly. Things are slowly improving on that front, so hopefully she’ll be back at it soon.

          That paypal stuff sounds really annoying! I know Humble has been meaning to add pure credit card functionality to their widget for a long time now. Hopefully they do it sooner than later.


          • Dakota on 30/04/15 @ 12:39 pm

            will this pre order offer be available through steam?

            • Dave Gilbert on 01/05/15 @ 8:02 pm

              Sadly not. Steam doesn’t do pre-orders for everyone, it seems. But if you DO buy the game through us, you will get a Steam key.

  2. Apple on 30/04/15 @ 2:51 am

    What about a Mac version?

    • Dave Gilbert on 01/05/15 @ 8:03 pm

      See above regarding the porting! Sadly we won’t be doing a multi-platform launch this time around. We’ll get to it eventually though.

    • Daniel on 01/05/15 @ 8:30 pm

      Is there any difference between pre-ordering through the Humble Widget and, apart from which site I’ll get the files from?
      If so, with the price being the same, I’d like to choose the one that gets you the bigger cut =)

      • Daniel on 02/05/15 @ 10:27 am

        Of course I meant “If there isn’t…” =P

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        • CactusSinger on 16/05/15 @ 8:12 pm

          Hi there!
          Once again, I’m completely hyped by a new WEG’s game. This looks fantastic!
          Quick question. Can I have a GOG key if I preorder directly here? I’d like to have the game on GOG but I’d rather preordering it directly from here so more money goes to you guys.

          (Otherwise I’ll go with the Steam key but it’s cool if we can have the choice).

          Please, keep releasing such awesome games.

          • Dave Gilbert on 16/05/15 @ 10:05 pm

            Sadly, I don’t have GOG keys to give. I asked them about it, and they don’t generally give those out. Steam gives away codes like candy so we can give as many as we want, but GOG is smaller than Steam and therefore has much more to lose if codes get leaked. So I don’t push it.

            • John on 17/05/15 @ 4:26 pm

              If I preorder the game on GOG, do I still have the option to get a steam key from you as it has happened before?

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            • Joe on 21/05/15 @ 2:13 am

              What time will Techobabylon be released?!? Im in the UK and can’t handle the wait!

              • Dave Gilbert on 21/05/15 @ 7:36 am

                It will launch around noon EST!