Technobabylon is RELEASED!

21 May 2015


Aaand it’s here! Technobabylon is now available to buy and play on PC. You can buy it directly from us, or Steam or GOG if you prefer using them.

If you pre-ordered the game, you should have received links to your pre-order bonuses already. The bonuses will be available for purchase directly from this website in a few days.

As always, thank you to everybody! We hope you enjoy the game.

-Dave, Janet, James et al

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17 Responses

  1. al on 21/05/15 @ 4:05 pm

    a question regarding today’s humble bundle… why did you release the last game of the blackwell saga?

    wouldnt it had made more sense to hook to new players with the first one instead of spoiling the history with the last one?

    Im not complaining… I just bought it… since i havent played the last two games yet… but it seems like a weird choice 🙂

    • Edward on 21/05/15 @ 8:38 pm

      Congratulations about the release! Do you have an idea about how long will we have to wait to have it on Android? Thanks and good luck

      • Justin on 14/01/19 @ 6:03 am

        PLEASE YES PLEASE port this to Android! I love these types of games on a tablet!

      • Jack on 21/05/15 @ 8:57 pm

        Just so you know, I installed the GOG version and it loaded in window mode. I don’t see any option to change that via the menu but I edited the cfg file and fixed it. Maybe a menu option would be handy. I’m excited to get playing:)

        • Dave Gilbert on 22/05/15 @ 10:57 am

          We have a few mobile ports to get through first. We fell a bit behind due to family illness. Things are stabilizing on that front, so we’ll catch up soon!

          • David on 26/05/15 @ 9:57 am

            Will there be any physical release of Technobabylon?
            Would love to expand my Wadjet eye-collection on my shelf 😉

            • Diego on 31/05/15 @ 2:30 am

              I LOVED THE GAME!!! Please make more like this one!!!

              • Episode 18 – Arcades, Eventually | on 01/06/15 @ 2:19 pm

                […] Technobabylon […]

                • Adrian on 02/06/15 @ 7:46 pm

                  Awesome game! You guys outdid yourself again. I’m playing almost any adventure game that gets released but your games are far more enjoyable than all of them. There is just something that makes them special. They’re innovative, perfectly paced and they take me as a player serious and treat me like an adult, story AND gameplay wise. And above all, the worldbuilding you guys are able to do in just a few hours is insane! You know the phenomenon called “book hangover”? I absolutely get a “book hangover” after most of your games because I got so invested in the worlds you created . Whether it’s Blackwell, Gemini Rue, The Shivah, Resonance or this game, you’re titles are complete must-buys for me. Can’t wait for Shardlight!
                  This comment might sound overly enthusiastic but it was long overdue.

                  • Louise on 24/06/15 @ 9:37 am

                    Just finished this and felt compelled to leave a comment. THANK YOU to all involved in this game. I really enjoyed it, reminded me a lot of Resonance, which I also loved.

                    Fantastic game, it is exactly what I love about the point and click genre. Puzzles weren’t ridiculously hard but not easy enough that you’re just unchallenged.

                    Oh my yes!

                    • Matroska on 01/07/15 @ 4:38 pm

                      Just started playing and am loving everything about it so far. One question, though. I bought the regular version from GOG but there’s also a deluxe edition and optional upgrade if you already have a copy. The thing that really piques my interest is the codex.

                      Thing is, GOG says:
                      >Technobabylon Codex (PDF with backstory) (coming soon)

                      Is that “coming soon” outdated, or is it still coming soon?

                      • Dave Gilbert on 20/07/15 @ 9:05 am

                        It’s outdated. The PDF is definitely included. I will let GOG know!

                        • plume on 18/08/15 @ 3:52 pm

                          Massive thanks to everyone involved in Technobabylon! Just finished it and it was absolutely excellent 🙂 Like all other WadjetEye games, I really didn’t want it to end. Also, please make that “Blackwell: the Movie” poster on Chishiki News come true 😉

                          • Michel on 11/10/15 @ 7:17 pm

                            Just finished the game and wanted to say it was awesome. What an adventure!

                            I don’t play adventures games normally but I’m hooked now.

                            I hope you do a sequel because I really like this 90’s scifi world.

                            • Christian Fredrik Steen on 04/11/15 @ 4:36 am

                              Any chance this release will be available on OS X?

                              • Dunguel on 17/12/15 @ 12:59 am

                                I know it may be to soon to ask for that but… Do you have any plans to release Technobabylon for Android devices?

                                • Dave Gilbert on 18/01/16 @ 10:57 am

                                  No concrete plans right now, but we hope to port to everything eventually. We’re a tiny team, and can only handle one platform at a time, one game at a time.