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About Wadjet Eye Games

Q: Just how big is Wadjet Eye?
A: Wadjet Eye is made up primarily of Dave and Janet Gilbert. Dave started the company in 2006 as a way to avoid getting a real job, and Janet joined him in 2009 when she married him. You could call us a mom-and-pop shop. We make our games from our small apartment in Brooklyn, while our baby girl sleeps in the next room. We’re small, but we like it that way. We were recently joined by a part time office assistant and one full time artist, which brings our full-time staff up to three point five.


Q: So why the name “Wadjet Eye?”
Dave was a big reader of Egyptology as a kid, and really liked the symbol of Horus, also known as the Wadjet Eye. He decided from an early age that if he ever needed a logo for anything, it would be the Wadjet Eye. Flash-forward to 2006 when he decided to form a game company. Since he knew the logo would be the Wadjet Eye anyway, it seemed like a good a fit as any. Dave only wishes that people would stop spelling it with a G and ruining his Google searches.


Purchasing Our Games

Q: If I pre-order a game, how do I get it?
When the game launches, uou will receive an email that will give you your download link. If you used a Steam code, your game will appear in your Steam library on that day.


Q: What are the payment options?
Payments are handled via the Humble Store, and you can pay via Amazon or Paypal. If you want to pay by credit card, you can do so through Paypal. Direct credit card payments will be implemented soon!


Q: I would love to support you by buying direct, but I prefer playing on Steam.
A: We’ve got you covered! Buying directly from us also provides you with a Steam key that you can use to activate your game in your Steam library.


Q: I would like a key, Could I get that from you as well?
A: Sadly, GOG’s policy is that they don’t distribute code keys. So if you want to purchase your game on GOG, you should purchase it directly from them.


Q: I bought your games a long time ago, and now I notice they are on Steam. Can I get a Steam key?
A: Of course! Email us directly with some kind of proof of purchase and we’ll hook you up.


General Questions

Q: What engine or software do you use to make your games?
A: All our games (except Emerald City Confidential) are made with Adventure Game Studio – a freeware engine designed specifically for this kind of game. If you are interested in making a point-and-click adventure game, there are few toolkits better.


Q: How do I run my game in a window?
A: This is one quirk of the engine that has yet to be fixed. You CAN run in windowed mode, it’s just a bit unintuitive to get there. Here’s how to do it.

In your game’s folder, there is a file called “winsetup.exe”. Run that program, and you will gain access to the game’s setup options which include windowed mode.

If you are playing the game via Steam, right-click on the game in your library. Select “options”, then “properties” and then “set launch options.” Type in the phrase “–setup” and click OK. When you run the game next, you will gain access to the game’s setup options which include windowed mode.

Q: Why is Emerald City Confidential not available to buy directly?
A: Emerald City Confidential is not owned by us. The game is owned by PlayFirst, who paid us to design and produce the game for them. So while we did make the game, we don’t own the rights.


Q: Why are most of your games only available on Windows?
A: The games were made using a PC engine, which only compiles to PC systems. We are in discussions with a third party to port our back catalog to iOS, Mac and Linux. So it will happen, just slowly. We have already ported Gemini Rue to just about everything. The Shivah will follow suit soon, followed by the Blackwell series.


Q: Which games did you develop yourselves and which games did you publish?
A: Internally, we wrote and developed The Shivah, Emerald City Confidential and the four (soon to be five!) games in the Blackwell series. We published Gemini Rue, Puzzle Bots, Primordia, Da New Guys and Resonance.


Q: Could my game be published by Wadjet Eye?
A: We’d love to take a look! What we publish is usually limited to how busy we are at any given time, but we’re always interested in looking at new games.


Q: What is your policy on Let’s Plays?
A: We have no problem if you want to do a Let’s Play of one of our games. Our only request is that you let us know.


Q: I have a question that wasn’t answered here! How can I contact you?
A: You can contact us here with any questions.