Primordia is now available on the App Store!

21 September 2016

We are slowly but surely porting our back catalog to mobile. Currently up? Primordia! Now available for $4.99 on the App Store!

Word-of-mouth is our bread and butter, so please spread the word and leave a nice review on the App Store if you like it.

Thanks and enjoy,

-Dave, Janet et all.

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  1. GeoffreyD on 23/09/16 @ 11:01 pm

    So I bought this game and i didn’t have enough storage. I got enough storage and tried again, but it already used my money and I didn’t have the game. Could you fix that please Thanks

    • GeoffreyD on 24/09/16 @ 1:22 pm

      I bought this game and didn’t have enough storage, so I deleted a few pics and videos from my phone to get enough, and when I tried to get it, it already spent my money and didn’t get the game could you give me a refund of some kind please

      • GeoffreyD on 24/09/16 @ 1:23 pm

        I got the game but it took my money and I didn’t get the game may I please have a refund

        • Dave Gilbert on 26/09/16 @ 12:41 pm

          Hi Geoffrey. Usually Apple is very good about this kind of thing. Typically you get that warning BEFORE you purchase. So most likely you haven’t actually bought the game yet.

          That said, if you purchased and weren’t able to download the game, check the game on the App Store. There should be an option to download it. If there isn’t, check your credit card payments and make sure that you weren’t charged. If you were, you will have to contact apple. I sadly don’t have the ability to handle refunds for items purchased over the App Store.

          Let me know if you still have trouble!


        • Nathan Collier on 26/09/16 @ 9:33 pm

          I recently bought Primordia for iOS the other day. I can’t get Crispin to take the cable up into the head.


          • David on 04/10/16 @ 3:24 pm

            Sweet. Will the Mac version be next?

            • Dave Gilbert on 05/10/16 @ 6:49 pm

              Could I ask what you tried already? From what I remember, “use cable on Crispin” should work.

              • Shez on 18/10/16 @ 7:51 am

                Will the last two Blackwell games be coming to amazon?

                • Tristsn on 27/11/16 @ 9:59 am

                  Awesome! Thank you so, so much for the iOS port! I just finished it on iPad. I don’t get the time for many games these days, but this is easily my favorite game of the year. And in the top 5 from the last decade.

                  Thank you for all the effort you put into making this game.

                  • Adele Lantz on 03/12/16 @ 2:29 pm

                    I bought your game but the items will not work

                    • Dave Gilbert on 03/12/16 @ 5:24 pm

                      Could you be a bit more specific? What are you specifically trying to do that doesn’t work?

                      • Adele Lantz on 04/12/16 @ 6:20 pm

                        The items in the game that I need to work with doesn’t seem to work. Like the small lamp or the welding tool.

                      • Courtney on 04/12/16 @ 2:04 am

                        When will the rest of the blackwell series be coming out on mobile?

                        • Gary Henson on 02/02/18 @ 1:52 pm

                          Great game!
                          I’ve always loved the PnC games, like Space Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Kings Quest. Primodia easily stands beside those games.
                          It was fun and addicting. Crispin is a great touch.
                          It was also very hard in places, which made it even more fun to figure out.
                          I would highly recommend to anyone who gets into these adventure games.
                          I’m looking forward to more like this from you.
                          You’ve inspired me to pick up an old PnC game idea of mine and get back to work. I have the Corona SDK and now that I’m retiring I’ll have the time to enjoy doing it.
                          Thanks again. Great game!
                          Gary Henson