Shardlight is now available on iPhone and iPad!

8 March 2017

Palm-sized Shardlight is available for $4.99 on the App Store!

As always, please leave a review if you enjoyed the game! Games like this live and breathe by word-of-mouth, so if you have time we’d appreciate it.

Thanks and enjoy,

-Dave, Janet et all.

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  1. Thiago Dunguel on 10/03/17 @ 1:12 pm

    Is it coming to android as well? Is Primordia?

    • Dave Gilbert on 10/03/17 @ 1:48 pm

      Sadly no. We used to outsource our android ports to a company that gave us a really great deal. They have since gone out of business, and we have yet to find another company that will offer us the same terms. (To be fair, it might be those generous terms that made them go out of business in the first place)

      • Matt Cunningham on 21/04/17 @ 7:02 am

        Ah that’s too bad, was hoping for Android ports as well, but I understand. Not a fan of iOS so I try not to buy anything for it, so unfortunately this means I’m out of luck, but fingers crossed for down the road, perhaps.

      • Thiago Dunguel on 22/03/17 @ 12:09 pm

        So… When are Shardlight and Primordia coming to Android? Have you guys simply given up on Android based fans of yours? I bought everything Wadget Eye released on Android and I’m anxious to spend more money on your games… So… Here I am waiting for the Android versions of Primordia and Shardlight.

        • Thiago Dunguel on 22/03/17 @ 12:10 pm

          Oh… I did not see your reply before asking again… Sorry

          • Mike on 08/04/17 @ 12:22 pm

            When is the next game coming to iOS? Thanks

            • David on 31/05/17 @ 5:19 am

              Now that ShardLight is in iOS, any chance to have a version for appleTV? It will be great to play in TV!!
              Please? 🙂


              • Francois De Paepe on 11/06/17 @ 7:59 pm

                Who wrote the music?
                Who plays the music?
                Bought the game & DLC @
                It’s nice to have those completed in my iTunes database 😉

                • Nathan on 18/07/17 @ 11:43 pm

                  What about a Mac version?

                  • Adriana Pena on 20/04/20 @ 5:08 pm

                    Alas this seems ther wrong time to play this game. I tried, and well, having to play among a deadly epidemic with people needing masks…. It is NOT a good escape from reality.

                    When this epidemic is over, if I am still alive, I will resume playing it.