Shardlight now available for pre-order! Also – a demo!

1 March 2016


Shardlight is now available for pre-order!

Why buy early, you might wonder? Because of all the extra goodies you get. That’s why. Pre-order before the March 8th launch and you’ll get the following:

  • A 10% discount!
  • Digital soundtrack—three hours of post-apocolyptic tunes composed by Nathaniel Chambers (Primordia)
  • Behind-the-scenes video of voiceover recording sessions
  • Propaganda concept posters – the Aristocracy is watching you
  • Concept character art
  • Exclusive desktop wallpaper

All of these goodies are available FOR FREE during the pre-order period, and will be delivered by email on or before March 8th. You’ll also get the game as a DRM-free download from the Wadjet Eye Games website, or a Steam key.

Still not convinced? Want to try before you buy? Download our free demo.

For more information about the game, including screenshots and a spiffy new trailer, check out the Shardlight page on this website.

Or you can bypass all of that and pre-order directly from here:

Thanks and we hope you enjoy the game!

-Dave, Janet, Francisco, Ben, et all

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13 Responses

  1. Seb on 02/03/16 @ 5:16 am

    Pre-ordered on GOG already !

    You’re one of the very rare company which has never disappointed me, so I’m feeling extremely confident about pre-ordering.

    One more week to wait ! Cheers.

    • Richard on 02/03/16 @ 5:10 pm

      Looking forward to this but as Mac users we tend to miss out on the pre-order promo stuff (I could pre-order in the hope that it will be ported at some point).

      I buy all WadjetEye games, pre-ordered and enjoyed Technobabylon but I have to be honest it was a real chore to get it run well. I used VMWare but ended up using PortingKit, both of which took my 2.6 i7 CPU up to 100% and saw my battery drain 10x faster, additionally there were weird speed issues (when playing the VR ball game in TB it was in slowmo).

      It’d be good to hear about Mac plans regarding Shardlight and future releases.

      • DreamerNumberTwo on 10/03/16 @ 8:40 am

        Darn. I see I missed out on the pre-order deal. At least (according to the forums) the extras will still b available for a reasonable price for anyone to get.

        One thing though: When I click on the link to go to the Shardlight page, my McAfee gives a scary “Woah, are you sure you want to go there?” message?

        Is this something I should be concerned about? Or should I just plow right on ahead and go to the page?

        • Price on 10/03/16 @ 2:49 pm

          Beautiful game!
          I’m only in the beginning but am already highly impressed. Beautiful graphics; I’m really impressed by the effects of the light. Great character portraits. Beautiful music and fantastic voice acting!

          Only the sounds playing at the same volume is a little drawback, like when Amy is commenting something and there’s a public address announcement or kids singing a song, it’s hard to understand what Amy is saying. Would’ve been nice if the surrounding sounds would’ve been muffled a little bit as long as Amy is speaking. But I guess that’s a limitation with the game engine.

          Nonetheless, Shardlight is a fantastic, if not an outstanding adventure game and a great addition to the Wadjet Eye catalogue.

          The game runs flawlessly on Linux, by the way. It can be played through asg or wine. It seems to perform better through wine, though.

          • pbbpb on 10/03/16 @ 6:49 pm

            Spectacular! I love how consistently good this company is at producing games of quality and substance. No doubt the terms will continue.

            • pbbpb on 10/03/16 @ 6:49 pm

              Spectacular! I love how consistently good this company is at producing games of quality and substance. No doubt the trend will continue.

              • Colin on 11/03/16 @ 6:17 am

                So…I really want to play this. But I only have a Mac. Is a Mac version in the works for the future?

                • Dave Gilbert on 18/03/16 @ 5:25 pm

                  Eventually, we hope! GOG is going to be making a WINE wrapped version, but an official native version will take longer.

                  • Sven on 30/03/16 @ 1:41 am

                    Hey Dave,

                    out of interest, what’s best for indies like you? Purchasing your games via Steam/Gog etc. or directly from the shop here? I’d assume that third parties take their share, but if nobody would buy the games someplace else, you wouldn’t get the chance to get some exposure there, plus on occasion you might shift additionally copies from the many sales eventually that are then promoted, i.e. Steam’s “rubber chicken with a price tag in the middle massively massive Christmas sale” or something.

                  • Dave Gilbert on 04/04/16 @ 12:35 pm

                    We make slightly more if you buy directly from us. Buying from us also includes a Steam key so you can still get it in your Steam library.

                    • Mathias on 24/04/16 @ 3:46 am

                      Big question: Why is there a text in russian pointing towards a gambling site at the bottom of this post?

                      • Dave Gilbert on 24/04/16 @ 7:52 am

                        Urf. No idea. Thanks for letting me know. WordPress is occasionally a spam magnet. I’ve changed my admin password and updated everything to the latest version. Hopefully that takes care of it.

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