Blackwell Epiphany has LAUNCHED!

24 April 2014

So. At long last. It’s here. Blackwell Epiphany is now LIVE!

There are few words to describe what we are feeling right now. This is a game that took us two years to complete, and is the final installment of a series that we began almost a decade ago.

But enough soppy stuff. Head over to the purchase page and experience it for yourself!

-Dave and Janet

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  1. Guest1982 on 24/04/14 @ 9:53 am

    Excellent news! I can’t wait to get this game on Steam!

    In the meantime, please join my Steam group, The Wadjet Eye Games Appreciation Lounge:

    • Peter Leon on 24/04/14 @ 10:01 am

      I´ve bought the first four games as a bundle for a cheap price from last week. I´ve bought the new game a few hours ago. I will buy any Blackwell game if you should ever change your mind and decide to make a new one some day. Otherwise I´ll buy anything you´ll make, as long as you carry on writing such wonderful dialogs, as long as you keep paying so much attention to characters, mood and music of your games and – well – of course as long as I can afford your products. All in all I just want to say: Thank you. Carry on!

      best regards

      • Gary C on 24/04/14 @ 10:08 am

        A huge congratulations to you Dave. I bet emotions are running high. Looking forward to playing 😀

        • Lina on 24/04/14 @ 11:01 am

          Just started playing! I’ve been literally checking every minute since morning)
          Thank you foor a great story! I hope to see your more of your projects in the future))

          • Ian on 24/04/14 @ 4:26 pm

            Aaahh! Came here to double-check the release date, and got this great news! Woo! Installing now!

            • thomas lee on 24/04/14 @ 8:05 pm

              I bought the pre-order where is my game download?

              • Seb on 24/04/14 @ 11:59 pm

                Great news! Really looking forward to seeing how things pan out 🙂

                Also I’ll be keeping an eye open for what you’re going to work on next!

                • SDMono on 25/04/14 @ 12:15 am

                  I am 3 hours in and damn it’s beautiful!!! Thank you for such a great game!!! Want to play more but it’s time to go to bed… work tomorrow. AAAARRG

                  • Dave Gilbert on 25/04/14 @ 6:15 am

                    Hi Thomas. Go to this URL:


                    That will resend all the information associated with your purchase, which includes your download link. If that doesn’t work, then you might have entered your email incorrectly when you purchased. Contact me and I’ll fix it.

                    • Andrew on 25/04/14 @ 2:58 pm

                      Great job Dave,
                      (IMO) This is by far the most exciting, enthralling, eye popping adventure game Ive have ever played before. The characters dialogue’s fit extremely well with both the storyline & type of game play style. The games length was also more than satisfiable taking me over 5 hours to complete, as the puzzles & objectives were both met at a fun challenging level. This will definitely be a game that will be played over many times in the future.
                      Thanks again 🙂

                      • NoPantsBaby on 25/04/14 @ 8:04 pm

                        This is my personal birthday present to myself.

                        I had NOOOO idea this was getting released. I have literally waited 2 years for any news on this game and the first news I get is “Yo it’s out”.

                        Awesome news as any, now excuse me I will be engaging in radio silence for the next 10 hours.

                        • Brandon Thompson on 27/04/14 @ 2:43 pm

                          Just finished the game. You guys outdid yourselves this time; this was the best Blackwell game yet! Thanks so much for the ride!

                          • Adam on 29/04/14 @ 11:39 am

                            Will the OST be available soon for folks who didn’t pre-order? Take my money!

                            • TheUnproPro on 30/04/14 @ 1:34 am

                              I’M GONNA MISS THE BLACKWELL SERIES!!! T-T

                              • me on 01/05/14 @ 4:27 pm

                                Great job guys, just finished the game and I’m lovin every bit of it as I did with your previous ones. 🙂
                                Keep up the awesome work !!!

                                • Adriano on 01/05/14 @ 5:52 pm

                                  I loved the game. Just finished it today, and I’ll probably buy it for a friend to whom I gave the previous 4.

                                  Thank you for this.

                                  • Atarun on 11/05/14 @ 6:18 pm

                                    Wow. At last I had the time to play Epiphany. I’m floored. Rarely am I that touched by a video game. You really did not pull any punch in that story, that’s for sure.
                                    Everything sounded right, everyting made sense, everything was moving to the very end. Congratulations on a final episode worthy of a great saga.

                                    I hope you guys enjoy some well-deserved rest after so luch effort.

                                    I shall miss you, Rosangela Blackwell.

                                    • Paul on 21/05/14 @ 12:30 pm

                                      Insanely amazing game, almost cried by the ending.

                                      • Megan on 05/07/14 @ 4:12 am

                                        I bought the Blackwell series through Steam and LOVED IT!! I had to download Epiphany ASAP! It is my favorite of the series but I’ll have to go back through everything with commentary just to be sure ;). Thank you SO much for the wonderful games. I could NOT stop playing!! (Had to force myself not to cry at the end!!)

                                        • Lyttenstadt on 25/07/14 @ 6:49 pm

                                          I’ve just finished playing “Epiphany” and, to quote esteemed Chester A. Bum:

                                          “Oh my God, this is the best game I’ve played in my entire life!”


                                          The game was fantstic! The only thing-ish – it’s kinda easy. I mean, I’ve spent two evenings playing it and never, even once was struck. I didn’t use walkthorughs either (the previous game OTOH – a “gloving” card, really?)

                                          Anyway – THANK YOU GUYS! Thanks you! Thank you – and carry on!