Blackwell Epiphany demo now available!

8 April 2014

If you’ve been itching to try the game before buying it, you can now do just that! We just released a demo of Blackwell Epiphany.

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  1. Andrew on 08/04/14 @ 9:00 pm

    Great job Dave,
    I was totally enthralled after playing this awesome demo 🙂

    • Cieara on 16/04/14 @ 11:40 pm

      Oh my gosh! I agree with you Andrew! I have been looking forward to a new one but, playing the demo is making it THAT much harder to wait!!!! I have found myself counting down the days until I get to download my copy! I am not good at waiting and the demo just made my anxiousness excitement worse 😛

      Thank you for this awesome series Dave, it is ingenious!

      • Andrew on 18/04/14 @ 1:35 pm

        just a recommendation to all Blackwell fans
        It would be a good idea to replay the first 4 games over before the new one comes out to get a better understanding of the characters, storyline & all general fun 🙂

    • Daniil on 09/04/14 @ 2:02 am

      Loved appearance of android version of Shivah in the humble bundle.
      Any chance Epiphany would get a port too?

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        • Bigfan on 09/04/14 @ 7:56 pm

          Oh my GOD! The ending left me shocked. I was just staring at the screen thinking: WHAT??? Now im so excited for this game !

          • Jenny Y on 09/04/14 @ 9:03 pm

            Hello, I love the Blackwell games! Is there a way for me to play this demo on Mac? I downloaded the file but so far it doesn’t open properly..

            • Jenny Y on 10/04/14 @ 12:10 am

              Hello again, I found a way to play the demo (by restarting my Mac computer in an old version of Windows.) Loved the demo, and can’t wait for the game!! 😉

              • Schef on 15/04/14 @ 1:19 pm

                I had no problem playing wadjeteyegames on linux so far..good job guys..!

            • Dave Gilbert on 10/04/14 @ 5:27 am

              Oh. Excellent! 🙂 A native Mac version will be coming eventually.

              • Anne on 11/04/14 @ 7:50 am

                Loved the demo. Cant wait for game!

                • Przemyslaw Sieradzan on 12/04/14 @ 4:29 pm

                  I understand that Epiphany is the last and the final part of the Blackwell series (even though it is a very sad news for every fan of this saga…). Is there any chance for another prequel (preferably with Lauren as a main protagonist)?

                  • Guest1982 on 24/04/14 @ 9:54 am

                    Love it! Please join my Steam group, The Wadjet Eye Games Appreciation Lounge:


                    • beverly weinowitz on 25/04/14 @ 12:14 am

                      i love your blackwell games

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