Gemini Rue

Azriel Odin, ex-assassin, arrives on the rain-drenched planet of Barracus. When things go horribly wrong, he can only seek help from the very criminals he used to work for.

Meanwhile, across the galaxy, a man called Delta-Six wakes up in a hospital with no memory. Without knowing where to turn or who to trust, he vows to escape before he loses his identity completely.

As fate brings these two closer together, we discover a world where life is cheap, identities are bought and sold, and a quest for redemption can change the fate of a whole galaxy.


  • Over 60 hand-drawn backgrounds
  • A moody, film noir atmosphere
  • Control both Azriel and Delta-Six
  • An innovative investigation system
  • A gripping sci-fi mystery
  • DVD-style commentary track

Reviews & Previews

  • It’s one of the best commercial offerings in a ages, indie or not. -Rock Paper Shotgun
  • One of most well-crafted and interesting storylines seen in recent years. -IGN
  • I can't recommend Gemini Rue enough -Kotaku
  • A smart, thoughtful tale that keeps introducing fascinating new ideas and characters. -AV Club
  • This is just insanely brilliant adventure gaming.
  • Why can't more point 'n click adventure games be like this? -PC Gamer
  • Gemini Rue is an excellent point-and-click adventure with a story that more players should experience. -Joystiq
  • Gemini Rue, a neo-noir science-fiction point and click adventure, is a bloody good game. Filled with twists and turns, intricate storytelling and a welcome Blade Runner vibe, this is unlike anything I’ve ever played. -Nukezilla
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Delta Six wakes up with no memory Azriel meets an old friend Exploring Center 7 The exotic locales of Barracus Exploring an old weather tower Getting cozy with the local mob boss Meeting the locals Delta Six and Giselle Kane and his spaceship Delta Six and Epsilon Five