Emerald City Confidential

The magical land of Oz, as written by L. Frank Baum, is put through the gritty filter of 1940s film noir. Harsh city streets, grey rainy skies, femmes fatales, tough guys, trenchcoats, fedoras and plot twists. It’s Oz, seen through the eyes of Raymond Chandler.

This game is published and sold by PlayFirst.

Reviews & Previews

  • Emerald City Confidential is nothing short of brilliant. Don't miss this gem of a game. -The Escapist
  • Meet Petra, a new heroine with a likeable ambivalent personality. Colorful, cartoon-style graphics. Lots of character interaction and snappy dialog. A twisty plot with transformations and surprises. -Gameboomers
  • Beautiful, intriguing, well-thought-out, and put together so perfectly you'd swear it fell off the awesome tree. -Jay is Games
  • It doesn't take a wizard to figure out that this 'Oz Noir' mystery is a polished game with courage, heart, and brains alike. -Adventure Games
  • I was enthralled the entire time... Emerald City Confidential is quite easily one of the first essential indie picks of 2009 -Indiegames.com
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