Shivah: Kosher Edition is now available!

22 November 2013

As the subject heading says, “Shivah: Kosher Edition” is now available to buy and play! If you pre-ordered the game, you should have already received your download link. If not, please contact us.

Otherwise, you can buy it on Steam, GOG, the App Store, or if you are so inclined – right here on this website!

A favor

If you purchased the game on the App Store, please leave a review! The key to any iOS game is its visibility, and higher ratings go a long way in achieving that. So if you enjoyed the game, please let the world know!

Gratuitous press quotes!

On the fence about buying it? Here is what some folks have to say:
“Gives you a lot to think about.” – 9/10
Pocket Gamer

“Deeply smart.”
-Rock Paper Shotgun

“The Shivah hits the nail on the head.”
Pixels or Death

“The Shivah: Kosher Edition stands tall against its higher-priced competitors.” 4.5/5
-148 Apps




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4 Responses

  1. Guest1982 on 26/11/13 @ 6:12 am

    Finally on Steam 🙂

    • travis on 14/12/13 @ 12:38 am

      I just started making my own Point & Click adventure game. Any advice for me?

      • Adelle John on 12/02/15 @ 3:32 pm

        Hey, I am really excited about a Jewish game, being a Jew myself, but when I went to play it every time, and I have tried redownloading several times, I get to where I need to put info info into the computer. I put the correct info in and I am certain it is as I went nuts finally and looked it up online and read it as a spoiler and then watched it done on uTube, and so I know what needs to go down, but ….
        my computer does not look like the one on uTube, I have no place to put the password and no clue spot either. So I cant proceed. And it is very frustrating to me so if someone can help me I would really appreciate it and will love to give a much better comment after I can play it.
        thanks, I am still hoping it is a great game btw.

        • Dave Gilbert on 12/02/15 @ 3:44 pm

          Hi Adelle! Which information are you trying to enter into the computer? If you mean Rabbi Stone’s login and password, did you try entering the login first?