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Case study: Dr. Charles Regis; CEL Case Specialist

City of Newton: Office of Centralized Emergency Logistics (CEL)
Human Asset Evaluation and Monitoring Report [10 June 2087]

Reporting Officer: Dr Helen Spalding, CEL Psych-Welfare Specialist

Security Level:
Red-Special or above (non public-domain data used)

Regis, Dr Charles; CEL Case Specialist
(Practical Genetics)D.O.B.:
02 September 2038

Date of Recruitment:
01 December 2068


[This report is out-of-sequence, and not part of normal periodical review of agent’s performance]

This report has been requested by Central owing to circumstances that may unduly affect either the agent’s psychological welfare or impact upon their effectiveness and judgement in CEL’s operations.

Following corrective medical intervention, Dr Adam Baxter (CN/4142a) is to be granted parole. As the killer of Dr Viksha Regis, his release is projected to have an effect on the mental health of Dr Charles Regis, the victim’s husband. We must therefore seek to mitigate any risks to the wellbeing of the agent, and ensure that he maintains the high standards expected of any agent of Centralized Government.

Conduct in Workplace
According to reports from colleagues and data collected by Central, Regis’ behaviour within CEL and its operations has been described variously as “abrasive”, “surly” and “unhelpful”. These do not appear to be specifically a result of Baxter’s release however, as they reflect a consistent pattern in nearly two decades of work for CEL.

Deeply affected by the loss of his wife in 2067 at Dr Baxter’s hands, Regis appears to have compensated by putting a great deal of effort into his work. This inability to separate himself from past trauma combined with his anti-civil behaviour have provided sufficient motivation to call for this emergency evaluation.

Though his conduct is often uncomfortable to many CEL agents, his high success rate has prevented further action towards modifying his behaviour. However, his focus on “justice” begets a determination that, while helpful in work, may create an unhealthy fixation on the outcome of his current case, especially due to its personal nature.

Evaluation outside of Workplace
Dr Regis has put a great deal of himself into his work, and according to Central’s surveillance records, maintains a balcony garden on the Fulcrum tower in his leisure time. It appears that he is making use of his skills from his professional background in practical genetics, or “gengineering” – the development or alteration of organisms. Though it is unknown exactly what he is working on, creative activities are known to be helpful in addressing grief, but the subject area (the same as that of the time of his wife’s death) continue to indicate obsession.

A great deal of information is unavailable regarding his personal activities, as my requests for information have been blocked. However, if the time-logs are accurate, the length of time spent within this garden suggests an obsessive fixation, another potentially worrying sign when it comes to his mental health.

[NOTE: Privacy exemption from surveillance in garden granted by E. Vargas, C:CG]

Commences 08 June 2087 19:17:46
Regis: Central said you wanted to see me, Dr Spalding?
Spalding: Ah, come in.
Regis: Alright. What’s this about? Did someone complain again?
Spalding: No, not at all Charlie.
Regis: Dr Regis.
Spalding: Certainly, Dr Regis. Have you heard about Dr Adam Baxter?
Regis: …what about him?
Spalding: Central has agreed to release him on parole, following…corrective procedures. I just wanted to ask – how does this make you feel?
Regis: Jesus. How the hell do you think it makes me feel?
*subject turns towards Central monitor camera*
Regis: [addressing camera] And now I learn this from the goddamn shrink?
Spalding: Please, Dr Regis – talk with me.
Regis: Screw you, Spalding. It’s just using you to deliver bad news.
*subject leaves room*

Terminated: 08 June 2087 19:18:55

Dr Regis obviously retains a great deal of unresolved emotion regarding Dr Baxter’s release. While obviously fixated on the events of 20 years ago and unhappy with Central’s decision on the matter, I believe that his professionalism and work ethic will ensure that he does not take matters into his own hands – unless provoked. His outbursts are, I believe, merely a passionate release of emotion, rather than indicative of an imminent danger. However, in order to ensure that matters do not escalate, I recommend that his focus on casework be used to our advantage – keep Dr Regis busy, in order to limit his ability to dwell on the subject of Baxter’s release.