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Case study: Dr. Max Lao; CEL Case Specialist

<Santiago> I hear Central’s adding a new rookie to the roster. S-E says they’ve had a history of disciplinary nuke-ups – even found a rap sheet for them!
<Malu> That’s alright. Give ’em to Regis, with any luck one of the two will quit.

// ** CEL HRR ACTION REPORT – 14-Oct-2086 **//
Centralized Government – Staff Reassignment Evaluation2192840/LAO-MAX-DRD.O.B.: 25/11/2059

…Academic record <ATTACHED>
…Service record <ATTACHED>
Anti-civil activity record <FOUND IN SE/68>


Candidate has applied to be moved from current operation category [CORPSMAN, 2nd Class] to new operational status with Centralized Government, remaining within CEL as organizational framework. This is candidate’s [FIRST] official request for reallocation.

Operational History
Subject first began work within CEL at 2C Grade following Academy graduation (June-2084), assigned to low-intensity field operations within South-East Network. Lao has achieved consistently high results in standardised testing (see attachment), and has always stated an ambition to move into investigative work as a specialised case officer, though her line manager within her Network has filed a number of disciplinary complaints regarding her conduct in matters of public confidence. She has been described as “impatient”, seeking to carry on cases far beyond the remit of a 2C corpsman, believing her own talents to be “wasted” on patrol duty. Whether justified or not, her line manager feels that this demonstrates an inability to work within CEL’s command structure.

Nonetheless, based upon subject’s academic background, testing history and city sentiment alignment, Central determined it a worthwhile investment to sponsor further training for subject, who recently received their PhD (Techno-organic systems interfacing) from the Newton Academy of Sciences.

Addendum  – Objection from <D.Walker>
<Walker> Is Central aware of Lao’s anti-civil history outside of CEL? This was essentially the reason that we didn’t take her on as an SCO in the past.
<CENTRAL> Your objection is noted, Dr Walker. Based on reports from the incident filed by [CLASSIFIED], it is apparent that her own anti-civil activity (3rd degree unauthorised network breach, civic utilities disruption, petty larceny) was itself aimed at a group posing a more considerable threat to the average welfare of the city. This, combined with her subliminal testing index, provides sufficient data to allay doubts that her loyalty lies anywhere but to the city of Newton. There is sufficient probability (88.5% +/-) that allowing her to engage in work with more experienced CEL Case Officers will enable her talents to be put to better use.



// ** CEL HRR MAIL INTERCEPT – 10-MAY-2087 **//
// ** Classified Partition: Blue-Special **//

:: Excerpt selected at random from subject communications for anti-civil patterns-testing

Lao, Winston

Lao, Max

RE: Please come home
Dear Winston,

Go nuke yourself.

Love, Max.

Previous message <09-MAY-2087>
Dear Max,

From the first time you were dragged home by CEL agents, I knew that something had fundamentally changed about you. You weren’t the same Max I remembered from growing up, and you were obviously keen to assert your own identity, even if the way you did it was through breaking the law. Since that day, it seemed like one attempt after another to alienate yourself from the family, until that morning when we found you’d left unannounced. I know we’d both said some pretty…emotional…things that night, and I think I can accept that I’m at least partly to blame for your choice in the end.

I still don’t know what made you decide to join CEL. I mean, it was certainly a change from what you were doing before, and the kinds of people you were associating with. Maybe you thought it’d make Mom and Dad see that you were different now, that you wanted to take some responsibility for the good of society. Or, maybe you did it to spite them – after all, short of joining a nuke-zone cleanup crew, this is about the most dangerous way you could have done it.

It’s been so long since we’ve heard from you, please at least let us know you’re getting my mail. Mom and Dad miss you, and I know they’d take you back if they could, even if they might not say it in so many words. There’s always a job waiting for you here if you decide you want to do something that’d make everyone happier.
With love,


// OUTCOME: Subject behaviors WITHIN TOLERANCE