So you want to be a beta tester?

So hello! You are reading this page because either you want to beta test one of our games, or you spend wayyyy too much time on the Internet.

In either case, we are always looking for new beta testers! We have a certain way of handling things which is what led us to create this handy reference page.

We do our testing on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once you sign up, we add you to our list of testers. When a beta is available, we take the first 20 names from the list and give them access. A round of testing usually lasts a few weeks. When a new beta is available, we take the next 20 names. And so on. This way we get a continuous stream of fresh eyes on our game with each round of testing. Once we run out of names, we do a call on Twitter or Facebook to get some more.

Currently, testing is… CLOSED! We are not accepting any new testers at this stage. That might change, so keep an eye on our Twitter feed or our Facebook page.

-Dave, Janet, et all