Strangeland is OUT!

25 May 2021

Four years in the making, Strangeland (by the developers of Primordia) is available to download and play on Windows PC!

You can buy it directly from us, or Steam or GOG if you prefer using them.

As always, thank you to everybody! We hope you enjoy the game.

-Dave, Mark, Vic, James et al

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14 Responses

  1. TheWaitIsOver on 25/05/21 @ 2:01 pm


    • Markus Lampe on 25/05/21 @ 3:07 pm

      I’m pretty excited to see this released. Just played the first 20 minutes of it and I love the premise, the atmosphere and this good old adventure feeling of a new fresh and interesting world to explore has opened for me. Can’t wait to play it further. Thanks!

      • Elefantenjongleur on 26/05/21 @ 12:13 am

        Where came that from? Instant buy.

        • James m on 30/05/21 @ 8:39 pm

          Any chance of an iPad or OS X version?

          • Chriz86 on 01/06/21 @ 10:43 am

            Just completed my playthrough, had a blast. I gladly keep supporting the wonderful Wadjet Eye Games family.

            • Rodrigo on 12/06/21 @ 8:41 pm

              Just in time for my 40th birtdahte (may 25th, really).
              Thank you deeply

              • Dave Gilbert on 14/06/21 @ 4:20 pm


                • trooper on 26/06/21 @ 12:51 am

                  Unreal how good this game is. a masterwork again from wormwood studios.

                  • Tomas on 26/06/21 @ 5:19 pm

                    Finished the game today. AMAZING.

                    Nothing less from the team that gave us Primordia.

                    • Tomas on 26/06/21 @ 5:21 pm

                      Nothing less from the team that gave us Primordia. AMAZING game, the art style, dialogues, all the story beats land where they should, puzzles are entertaining and logical.
                      Finished in one go.

                      • Martin Semerad on 19/07/21 @ 4:27 am

                        Hi, love your games. Do you plan a macOS port by any chance? Greetings from Prague, Czech Republic

                        • Alex on 27/01/22 @ 2:53 pm

                          Please Dave,
                          Are you working on bringing this to iOS?

                          I’ve got every title published by Wadjet Eye on my iPad.
                          You definitely have the best quality adventure titles on that platform.
                          So glad to see some activity on here again, feels like years ago you had a good momentum going I thought your engine would attract more story-tellers and we would have more narratives to explore.

                          • Gabriel on 08/04/22 @ 3:07 pm

                            Please we need the translation with Spanish subtitles of this game, Latinos and Spanish are big fans of this genre, if you can tell me if it will come out in Spanish and when I would really appreciate it!

                            • Alexi on 29/05/22 @ 4:56 pm

                              I’ve played all the Wadjet games on iPad, will this one be available on iPad too?