Unavowed is here!

8 August 2018

After three years, it is here! Unavowed is now available to buy and play on PC and Mac. You can buy it directly from us, or Steam or GOG if you prefer using them.

As always, thank you to everybody! We hope you enjoy the game.

-Dave et al

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23 Responses

  1. arturogoga on 08/08/18 @ 11:43 am

    Congratulations on the launch! I’ve been waiting for this game for quite some time. Are there any plan on releasing it for the iPad, though? Lately I’ve been doing most of my gaming on the tablet, including, of course, some of Wadget Eyes’ games!

    • Steven on 08/08/18 @ 6:20 pm

      Any idea when this game will make its way to iOS? I can’t wait to play it on the iPad!

      • ZeebaEata on 09/08/18 @ 7:54 am

        Congratulations! Another diamond in our treasury.

        • Name on 09/08/18 @ 4:27 pm

          Dear people,

          Can you already give an iOS realease date?

          • Name on 10/08/18 @ 8:13 am

            Are you already working on an iOS/iPad version?

            • Matt Miah on 11/08/18 @ 3:38 pm


              Congratulations!!!! You got a 9/10 from Gamespot.
              Well Done

              • Matt on 12/08/18 @ 2:59 am

                Hi Dave, will Unavowed be coming to iOS?

                Btw, hope Day 9 and The Mostly Walking crew check out the game and give it some exposure, they’ve given the first Blackwell game the best reception of any title in a while, so it would nice for them to play
                Unavowed as the two titles bookend the Wadjet Eye story so far.

                • Eugene on 13/08/18 @ 11:58 am

                  Any info about it’s coming to iOS?

                  • Johan on 15/08/18 @ 1:12 am

                    Will it be release for Android?
                    If yes, when?

                    • Vincent on 16/08/18 @ 12:49 am

                      Congrats! Been waiting for this game–been following your releases since I discovered Gemini Rue. Like many others have asked, I’m also curious about an iOS version. Playing it on an iPad just gives it a much more nostlagic and relaxed experience.

                      • naruto600177 on 01/09/18 @ 7:00 am

                        finished my first playthrough of the game yesterday. just wanted to ask is there any chance of making a chinese localization version? i would be more than happy to do the text translation for the game. good game need to be appreciated and played by more people~

                        • MikeW on 01/09/18 @ 9:41 pm

                          Wow awesome game! Voice acting is awesome as always and I loved the graphics. Stories really pull you in and the characters are so awesome!

                          • Rico on 02/09/18 @ 3:29 pm

                            Stumbled uppon this game by accident because I was in the mood for classic point and click.

                            Have to say I totally fell in love with the characters. Well done! I hope there will be a sequel.

                            • Martin on 08/09/18 @ 4:30 am

                              Superb, when ios ? Thx

                              • denisv on 15/10/18 @ 12:04 pm

                                Just come here for the iOS release date 🙂

                                Love every game you make , thanks 🙂

                                • Dave Gilbert on 05/11/18 @ 10:20 am

                                  Sadly there are no plans to release on iOS yet

                                • Lionel on 19/10/18 @ 8:11 am

                                  Please release it for Android!!!

                                  • Dave Gilbert on 05/11/18 @ 10:19 am

                                    Sadly there are no plans for an Android port anytime soon. Perhaps one day!

                                  • Victor on 27/10/18 @ 4:57 am

                                    I loved the game, thank you

                                    • FlexLord on 03/11/18 @ 7:34 pm

                                      I only play these games on my iPad.
                                      Waiting for its release there before I buy.

                                      I travel a lot and this would be great to play on one of many long flights on my ipad.

                                      • Dave Gilbert on 05/11/18 @ 10:19 am

                                        Sadly there are no plans to release on iOS yet. Mobile porting takes a very long time and Unavowed is a longer and more complex game than most.

                                      • Spike on 23/12/18 @ 4:55 pm

                                        Finished Unavowed this morning and loved it! My favorite point-and-click game ever. The plot kept me guessing until the end. And the characters were so much fun – especially Vicki, who I chose for nearly every mission just because I wanted to hear her comment on everything. And Eli’s voice is just a pleasure to listen to. Great game!

                                        • Dennis on 14/03/19 @ 9:28 pm

                                          Played all games released for iPad, when is this coming out for iOS ?

                                          You have a fan base here .