Unavowed is now available on the Nintendo Switch!

7 July 2021


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4 Responses

  1. Rafael Baez on 07/07/21 @ 7:34 pm

    this is the best thing I’ve heard all day. I don’t get to play on PC as much anymore, so this is great!

    • Federico Frasisti on 13/07/21 @ 3:24 am

      Is there any chance of seeing the blackwell quintet on switch? I would die for a physical limited run copy of the blackwell games for switch 🙂
      Bought Unavowed so i can carry it with me to nag people

      • Federico Frasisti on 13/07/21 @ 3:24 am

        any chance of blackwell next?

        • Dave Gilbert on 13/07/21 @ 3:15 pm

          We hope to port everything to the switch eventually. But first we need to recuperate from THIS launch. 🙂