Gemini Rue – now available on EVERYTHING!

19 December 2013
You asked for it, you got it. Gemini Rue is now available on, well, just about everything. You can now nab it on PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad and Android – and they are all making their debut on the Humble Bundle!


What is the Humble Bundle?
For those not in-the-know, the Humble Bundle is a monthly collection of games which you can buy for whatever you want to pay. Pay one penny or a million – you get them all. This month’s bundle includes:


– Gemini Rue (duh)
– Little Inferno
– AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome (I hope I spelled that right)
– Jack Lumber
– Hero Academy
– Anomaly 2


So that’s six great indie games for whatever price you want to pay! We’ve been a fan of the Humble Bundle for a long time, so it’s a great honor to be included.

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10 Responses

  1. john on 19/12/13 @ 5:47 pm

    I couldn’t find the iPad iPhone edition from humble games only android no iOS 🙁

    Would love Gemini Rue on ipad..

    Hoping resonance for iPad is planned 🙂

    • Kevin on 20/12/13 @ 5:27 am

      This is just perfect! Got it on every device 😀 Keep it up Wadjet

      • Roy on 21/12/13 @ 7:38 pm

        I purchased the humble bundle but when i download your apk and try to install it, i get an error as if you apk is not signed correctly. could you check it out maybe?

        • Dave Gilbert on 23/12/13 @ 9:34 am

          If you contact the humble guys at, they should be able to help you.

          • Asteropaeus on 04/01/14 @ 12:54 am

            Hey, great to see this available on Linux – and hopefully the first of many from your back catalog!

            I wasn’t in a big rush to pick it up in the Humble Bundle, since I’ve got no problem giving you folks full price for it, but it looks like the Linux version isn’t currently available anywhere? I assume now that the bundle is finished it will either go up on the humble store or you will be selling it here?

            • Dave Gilbert on 05/01/14 @ 7:58 am

              It should still be available on Steam! But you are right – it should be available on this website as well. I was waiting until the HB was over because they had the exclusive. I’ll re-add that.

              • Jpacis on 11/01/14 @ 11:20 pm

                great story plot i love to play it again and again :))

                • Daniil on 29/01/14 @ 4:10 am

                  Gemini Rue made that bundle a no-brainer for me)
                  Just a few days after I tried to grab a steam copy of Shivah and lauch it (unsuccessfully) via AGS.
                  Loved Cowboy Bebop references, by the way. 😉

                  • vegiisan on 13/02/14 @ 10:37 pm

                    Awesome game. Are you going to port the rest to Android? Keen to play moar. 🙂

                    • Dave Gilbert on 14/02/14 @ 7:01 am

                      We are working on it! We tend to do iOS first because from there it is easy to spit over to Android. So the Shivah will be next (since we’ve got the iOS version already), followed by the Blackwells, followed by everything else!