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Author Topic: Why have graphic options listed in the setup if they're not actually usable?  (Read 10771 times)


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Title says it all, really.  Why have graphic drivers and filters listed in the game's graphic setup that aren't actually compatible with the game?  You have a Hq2-3x filter listed for DirectDraw that isn't actually usable because the game itself is exclusively 16-bit, and an option for using Direct3D and all its pertinent filters which also isn't actually usable because of one of the game's own plugins.


So the game can only be run in DirectDraw with a nearest-neighbor filter.  Okay,fair enough.

BUT THE PROBLEM HERE is that I just had to spend upwards of half an hour googling and reading this forum simply to learn that the game's own graphic setup is a liar.  It's like a restaurant inexplicably having items on the menu they never actually cook.  So then why the hell are they even on the menu in the first place?

So, this has been my first half-hour impression of Gemini Rue, before I even started playing.

Not exactly setting yourselves up for success, devs.


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Hi Serotonin,

Thanks for buying the game!

The reason the setup has alternative graphics options is because that is how the AGS setup is constructed. To create an alternative setup unique for Gemini Rue would have required to modify the engine or use a work-around in itself.

That said, sorry for the confusion, and I hope you enjoy the game!



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Yep, it's as Josh says, any game created with the AGS engine is given that set of display options by default. Josh just happened to use some plugins that are not compatible with a number of these options, like directdraw and the hq filter, but since there is no way to customize the winsetup it's not possible for him to disable these options.

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The HQ filter can make AGS games actually look pretty bad.