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Great game!
« on: March 01, 2011, 01:48:17 AM »
Felt the need to say this after reading a certain other thread here.

I really, really enjoyed this game.

First of all, the retro artwork was gorgeous and made me feel like I was playing an old Sierra classic. That, combined with the music, the constant rain of Gemini, and the sterile silence of Center 7, provided a great ambiance.

Then the story. I wasn't expecting to enjoy it that much, but by the middle of it I was completely engrossed. The storylines really caught me off guard with how they progressed and where they ended up. Good job. Only two things that bothered me: I wish the Boryokuden were more fleshed out. And the name, "Azriel Odin." But really, when you learn everything about the character and how he got the name and from whom, it kind of works. Oh, and one more thing. Near the end Epsilon had this incredible drive for something, then something happens that shouldn't have affected it, then an instant later her drive is 100% different. It was kind of weird and the sudden change in character didn't make much sense.

I've seen other people say the puzzles were too easy, but they didn't seem so to me. They were logical, and I got stumped at least a handful of times, but was able to think them through and figure them out.

So, yeah, count me as one who was hugely satisfied with this game.