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My review - pretty good game
« on: February 26, 2011, 09:40:02 AM »
Since I have seen a few rather quite negative reviews posted below, I felt compelled to post my own as well, and I think the game is pretty good.

* spoilers ahead *

The puzzles seemed to be designed for the level I'm apparently playing at, none was too difficult, but not that easy that I could just run though either, I actually had to think or got stuck now and then, it felt more like an adventure than the other Wadjeteye games so far, they are certainly awesome games, but too easy for my taste most of the time, I never really got stuck in any Blackwell game or ECC.

The graphics are decent, they get the mood across wonderfully, but I've seen better ones. Also, instead of just arbitrarily letting it rain because it's a noir game, JN actually came up with a reasonable explanation why it's raining all the time, so that it makes perfectly sense in the game world. How awesome is that!?

The combat is nice, now I've read other opinions, but I think it fits in the game, it certainly doesn't make it less of an adventure. Why? Because it doesn't rely on reflexes, the fights are entirely predictable (non-random), which means instead of using luck or physical skills like your reaction speed or how fast you can press keys, you actually have to use your brain (to figure out timings, and come up with short strategies). Therefore, it feels more like a different kind of puzzle to me. I like it.
I think they are pretty easy, sure, I still die now and then, and in those fights with more than one enemy shooting at the same time, getting the timing right is far from trivial, but I never took more than five tries on normal setting for the most difficult ones, I'd say that's ok, I haven't felt the need to switch to easy mode. Maybe I'll try it on another playthrough to see how it differs. Also, weird, I can't switch to "hard", there's settings "medium" and "easy", but not "hard"? Why is it called "medium" if there's nothing more difficult? Oh well.

The length of the game was absolutely appropriate too, of course it's an indie game, you can't expect 120+ hours, it didn't have the budget of Dragon Age after all, but it was long enough that I couldn't finish it in a one-afternoon-session, I've seen big-publisher-games shorter than that, no idea about hours though.

The interface was ok, eye/hand/mouth is pretty much standard anyway, and the option to kick things was a nice addition, how often have you wished you could just kick something out of the way in other games? Or, you know, repair something by a nice kick instead of having to organize tools or new batteries or a replacement fuse or whatever. I wouldn't mind seeing more of that. Also, it was kinda annoying that you could only open it on hotspots, but you get used to that.

The only real complaint I have is the lack of a quicktravel function, I felt like running around a lot, and if I have to hear that stupid elevator sound again, I might start throwing things

The story was interesting and kept you wanting to see how it continues, the revelation was not completely unexpected, but still surprising enough, and the ending made sense, though I don't fully agree with the choice the protagonists make at the end. I think I still would have taken it.

The game world seemed interesting, I'd love to learn more about it, we hardly got any info about mining, or what any other planets in the galaxy are like. Maybe one day we'll see another, story-wise unrelated, game in that universe? I wish the terminals had more information, and I really wanted to read some of the books in the juice-addict's (whatshisname) room. Or, more pages in the newspaper.

I didn't encounter any real bugs, in another thread someone said something non-specific about the weights or the maintenance door, but it worked fine for me. Doors could be improved, but that's true for all doors

Played with Crossover (a wine variant) on Linux, standard settings, no technical problems.

Maybe not a great and perfect masterpiece, but a very good game, I'd say about 80/100. I look forward to seeing more games from Joshua Nuernberger.