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Deception: Who wants some music!


Thomas Regin is back recording the soundtrack again.  Since the game takes place entirely at night, he's going for a late-nite urban lounge/jazz style this time around. 

Rosa's theme
Rosa's apartment theme has been pretty consistent in all the games she's been in.  The style might change but the tune remains the same.  For Deception, Thomas has taken the theme from Convergence and added several new touches.

Gotta run!
The clock is ticking and danger is lurking.  Hurry!

Rosa's theme song sounds so familiar.  Isn't it the same music from jazz player in the other game?

Yep!  A variation of this theme has been in every Blackwell game so far.  Or at least, in every game Rosa has been in.  It plays when you're in Rosa's apartment.

Oh Ok.  I thought I recognized.
Thank youi

Those are great. I especially love Rosa's theme. Does Joey have his own leitmotif?


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