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Deception: New character portraits!


Achoo.  Dusty in here.  It's been awhile since I've been able to show a preview of a new Blackwell game. 

I'm going for a new portrait style this time around.  The portraits won't animate as usual, but they will instead be much bigger and much more detailed, along with a greater variety of expressions.

This is Rosa

And this is Joey:

More to follow!

hmm sorry but I must say that I like the ones in legacy much better :S
also they won't animate? I see that as a pretty big drawback :S

I like 'em. Although I have yet to play this series. I think it will be my next. Puzzle Bots was fantastic.

Hm. I must say that while I adore Blackwell Deception (what I've seen in the demo, of course), the character portraits are the one major minus for me.

Rosa looks nothing like herself. She was much more... believable and 'human', shall I say, in Legacy and Convergence. I suppose Joey doesn't look too bad, but the animation was a big plus.

I don't mean to disparage the quality of the artwork, but its style is completely different from the pixel art and without the option to disable it, would make the game entirely unplayable for me.

It would probably be worth arguing that high-resolution character portraits go against the spirit of the low-res medium, where the character sprites leave just enough to the imagination to leave the particulars of their countenance, and many other things, up to the player.

I probably would not have played Gemini Rue if it hadn't provided the option to disable the character portraits, and I probably wouldn't have been able to fully appreciate Blackwell, either; Blackwell Legacy, if I remember correctly, provided this option. I've heard Deception is much longer than the others. Does it force you to display these portraits?


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