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Graphics mode error - easy fix!

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This happens on computers with older graphics cards. If you receive this error message:

Here is how to fix it!

1 - Go into the game’s directory and run the “winsetup.exe” file, You will see a section called “graphics driver.”

2 - The graphics driver is currently set to “Direct3D 9.”  Set it to  “DirectDraw”

3 - Hit the save button

That's it!  Some of the cutscenes might be slightly pixellated (more noticeable in the later levels) but it won't affect gameplay at all. 

what about the steam users? i cannot seem to find these?

I'm not sure how Steam works, myself.  I assume the files are stored on your computer somewhere?  Do a search for the file winsetup.exe.  Hopefully you can find it that way.

nope, did a search came back with nothing.


Hm.  I'm afraid I don't know enough about Steam to know where they store the game files.  They've got to be somewhere on the computer.  Maybe try contacting Steam?  Failing that, are there any Steam users here that know how this works?



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