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Author Topic: Thank you for a wonderful game  (Read 4029 times)

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Thank you for a wonderful game
« on: March 24, 2019, 02:27:44 AM »
What a wonderful game.

I have nothing but mad respect for Wadjet Eye games and have played almost all of them - but the ones I have connected the most to and loved are the Blackwell series and now this. I actually wasn't sure if I would be into it at first because of the silent protagonist and the multiple characters...but about 20 mins in and I was hooked. As usual, there's a lot of wonderful dialogue, nuanced characters, and strong voice acting. Lots of wonderful suspense.

Dave Gilbert and everyone involved in this project should really be proud of the effort and work it took to put into this game. The proverbial cup runneth over with the talent involved with everything from the writing and visuals to the voice acting  ;)
And of course I love all the Blackwall references - how they seamlessly tie into the game so well. ...Which leads to the sincere hope that this is the beginning of another series (fingers crossed, and if that's not the case, I will just plug my ears and LALALA for now).

I don't play many games at all but the few I do play are near and dear to me. And this one is now one of them.
Thank you so much!

PS - Eli reminds me a lot of Joey but I know he probably isn't. But then I started to wonder if they were related   ::)
PPS - Kaykay is such an great character and her introduction and Logan's are probably my favorites. Their presence deepened the story substantially for me.
PPPS - Eli and Mandana are really wonderful new characters with fascinating back stories.
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Re: Thank you for a wonderful game
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2019, 12:41:50 AM »
This game was awesome!

Can we have a second journey? I'd love some more backstory on some of the central characters, and opportunities to expand on the central character, develop more serious relationships and delve deeper in the mysteries of the city!