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Reviews for Unavowed
« on: February 18, 2019, 07:19:42 PM »
Hello guys!This page is for the reviews of Unavowed since I see a lot of them on WEG twitter.So i thought for the people who don't have a twitter...If they want to comment here.It's a thread for reviews.Thank you!

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Re: Reviews for Unavowed
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2019, 08:11:31 AM »
I finished Unavowed a while ago. Here's the review, a bit late. Almost spoiler free.

Unavowed may just have dethroned Technobabylon on the Wadjet Eye catalogue #1. I can't imagine this being a sole title and can only assume we'll see more of this masterpiece later.

The best parts of the game were the character dialogue and storyline, and the hardest decisions in the game weren't about the "case ending" moral dilemmas, but the metro character selection screens. All the characters worked and had their place, and now I want to play the game again only to see how different combinations of characters work together. My favorite was probably Mandana or KayKay.

The story pacing worked well and didn't feel hurried. The midway point with the three first cases solved produced a good final stretch to the final confontration, unwinding the open plot points.

Art was excellent all over, although something in the main character's sprite seemed off to me, particularly the face. The portait looked good, though.

Soundtrack was amazing with tunes of multiple different styles to keep them interesting.

Voice acting was probably the best in a Wadjet Eye title yet.

There was some odd stuff with the puzzles, namely with inventory usage, such as using the passport to get past the bank security guard. I was stuck here for a while because I tried to either use Eli (inventory) on the passport or vice versa, not click the passport and then Eli (character). There were other points where this also happened. I'd assume that a puzzle solution of this type would work with any combination of the items or characters.

Otherwise, the puzzles were on the easier side. I'd say they were still quite enjoyable.


* On the Wall Street mission, I couldn't talk to characters. Clicking them produced the character portrait for a brief moment before it vanished and no dialogue screen popped up. Restarting the game fixed this.
* Mouse is not locked inside the window in windowed mode
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