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Author Topic: Setup not writing preferences to disk, not showing advanced options.  (Read 1872 times)

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Hello and firstly, congratulations on the excellent game.

The version of the game I have, I purchased on Steam.  I'm on my second play through, and I just noticed that winsetup.exe isn't writing preferences to disk.  I decided to try playing in windowed mode, but it wouldn't accept that change or any other one.  It also lacks many of the buttons that other games you have published have, for instance, the 'save, save and run, cancel, advanced' bar is missing.  For comparison, the winsetup ui for Shardlight is complete and working normally.  If I change acsetup.cfg using a text editor, the changes are read by winsetup.exe and reflected in the ui when I start it up.  Attached is an image of the current state of the winsetup ui on my machine.

I found one post on the steam forums from a user that seems to be having this issue as well.  No solution was posted, however.

The issue is present whether I run winsetup.exe on its own, start it using the --setup switch in the steam start up parameters, or choose 'set up' in the steam menu when I start the game by choosing 'play' from the library.

I hope the information is helpful or interesting and thank you for any help you can provide.