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Can these games be "touch-friendly" on Windows somehow?


I played the first 3 games of the Blackwell series on an Android mobile, and was very pleased to see how well they responded on a touch screen (apart from being awesome).
I thought then that I would be great to play the rest of your games on a tablet, with a bigger screen. So owning most of them on Steam, I went and bought a Windows 10 tablet.
To my surprise, they are not compatible. First thing that I get when I open a game is a "you need a DirectInput mouse", and the game won't start.  :(
The idea was to play them without any peripherals, so is that possible somehow? Did anyone succeed maybe with a mouse emulator or something?
Thanks in advanced. 

Well, I manage to bypass the mouse error by installing Logitech Gaming Software.
 The only problem is that the game is only playable in windowed mode, and the window is too small.

Games tested;
The Shivav

Raymond Iskandar:
Hello!The DirectInput API is used to process data from a joystick, or other game controller. The use of DirectInput for keyboard and mouse input is not recommended. You should use Windows messages instead.I found this on Microsoft site (https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ee416842(v=vs.85).aspx).Hope that this will help.Sorry for the late reply!I'm new.


You may try the Logitech Gaming Software.


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