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Nintendo Switch


King Slime:
Bring them all to the Switch! Physical releases...with FEELIES!

Dealing with Nintendo is a hassle and a half that we aren't equipped to deal with. :)

King Slime:
Aww...  :'(

Perhaps this will change your mind!


That's a shame. What kind of demands does Nintendo put on indie devs, Dave? Or is the problem something else?

Well, it's relatively easy to get a nintendo dev account, i have one, but to get a dev unit you'll need to show them what you are going to put on it. And i honestly think they'll have no issues.
However you may want to stick with digital only on the switch. It's really expensive to make the carts and you'll need a minimum order.

The biggest hurdle is that i don't think there's a build of AGS that runs on switch.
There is a slight point and click starvation on the switch though and i have seen some posts from people asking if there are any games.


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