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Updated versions
« on: September 24, 2017, 11:39:04 AM »
Hi Dave,
I tried contacting you about 2 weeks ago by mail but unfortunately didn't get an answer yet so I try the forum instead:

The only game I did not yet play (apart from 'Da New Guys' and 'Emerald City Confidential') is Gemini Rue. I want to play it for some time now but was waiting for GOG to update the the game to the latest version because I am having problems with my multi-monitor-setup and generally like to play using the latest version before running into any troubles.

But apparently GOG doesn't really care about your games very much because the game is still not updated. Now I purchased the game a second time through your page, i.e. the Humble Bundle Store and now I am really disappointed because the version seems to be the same! (file sizes are equal)

agsgame.dat is 62069353 bytes (Linux version)

I really dislike Steam and want to play the game without creating an account there. Is there any other way I can finally play the game in its latest version? Or should I try the Humble-Support to update their version?

Thanks for your help!