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Author Topic: There is no way to backup or play Emerald City Confidential on multiple machines  (Read 38060 times)

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Hi everyone.  I received a reply from PlayFirst PR about this issue:

Thanks Dave. I’ll send this over to our client engineering teams so that they review the feedback. Ultimately, we have piracy issues with all content (as you know), so we have to be cautious with the DRM. I certainly understand where they’re coming from, but it’s a tough battle on this one.

It doesn't address anyone's concerns, I know, but it's their policy and they are sticking to it.  It you have issues with DRM, then I can only apologize and say I understand if you don't want to buy the game. 


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I realize this is somewhat late, but I thought I'd throw my 2 cents in anyway.  (It's the internet! What else do you do?)

I agree that DRM ultimately only hurts the consumer, and in some cases encourages piracy.  In trying to think of an example, if you've bought a game that you can only install on one computer, and said computer dies, you have lost the game.  You may have the install file still saved--or be able to download it again, like from PlayFirst--but the code won't work on the new computer.  In that case, someone who might otherwise never consider piracy might then seek out another "pirated" copy to be able to play the game they've already bought.

If PlayFirst is going to stick to DRM, though, perhaps they could use a method similar to what ituns used for a long time?  You could buy a song and authorize it to be played on five separate machines--including an ipod for one of them.  Only five installs, but at least you could use them wherever you wanted.  PlayFirst doesn't have to allow <i>five</i> machines, but three--like the three installs on the same computer they use now--seems very reasonable.  (And if they make the argument, "but someone could just share their unlock codes with two friends," as I am sure someone will, yes.  They could.  But 1) that leaves them in need of buying a new game themselves, should something go wrong, and 2) it seems better to me to have one sale than zero, where there's just piracy among those three people.)

To be frank, the music industry has proven that DRM doesn't work and does hurt the customer more than anyone else; I forget where I read the article, but someone pointed out that over the years, since so many different systems have come and gone to sell songs online with various DRM protection that a fair amount of music the article's author had bought and paid for legally was no longer accessible to him.  And piracy is always going to be there, until--in my opinion--there are more positive reasons not to than there are potential negative consequences from doing so.

But this might be something worth suggesting?  I did see that ECC will be released other ways, but with PlayFirst being the first one--and the one that I used--I can say that at least I, personally, would feel better buying from them in the future with this sort of policy in place.  Without it, I doubt I'll be buying from them again; for one game for ten bucks, which I'd been looking forward to, it was worth it.  But it's not a place I'll shop at again.


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Dave, are you forced to sell ECC only through PlayFirst ? You're selling your first games via your own site; why couldn't you also sell ECC this way, DRM-free, like other developers like 2D Boy or Kloonigames ?

BTW, I already bought ECC from PlayFirst, because I really wanted to play this game NOW :)
But I also want a way to store my games for the future, and no DRM is future proof. I also want to play my games in places without internet connection.

p.s. Dave, any news on my translation request for the Shivah ?

p.p.s. I usually buy new games only after completing the old ones, so it'll take some more before I'll get to play the Blackwell series, but I'm looking forward to it :)

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As has been said, you can get ECC through loads of other portals now (see http://casualcharts.com/games/detail/emeraldcityconfidential.html for some possibilities)

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ECC belongs to PlayFirst, not me.  I'm allowed to sell it through my site as a PlayFirst affiliate, but the game still belongs to them as they paid for it.  Selling the game through other channels would get me sued!

And Eddie... translation request?  I don't think I received one, but PM me on this forum and let me know what you have in mind.


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PlayFirst's DRM is ridiculously strict. Christ, even two machines is for more "standard" than ONE. I can think of countless examples of much bigger games that use a similar system, but still allow you to install the game on 2 or 3 machines you own.

I, for example, work the week and live in one location, then spend the weekend with my fiance. I like to play games in the evenings and on the weekends - so I often take my savegames back and forth between locations.

Being unable to install a game I LEGALLY OWN on more than one machine forces me to seek alternative solutions: And this is where piracy becomes an unfortunate option.

Still thankfully, there's plenty of other vendors now! So people can shop around to get the best deal for them. How about someone makes a list of available outlets with prices/DRM info?

I'll start:
DRM - Unlimited(?)

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I don't know much about what's going on with this. However:


It will soon be available on cd, which I assume will get rid of the drm issues.