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Did Jeremy love Rosa?


Visible Earth:
Hi everyone. Registered to this because I have a really weird question that I wanted to just chat to people about, as I don't really know anyone irl who's played the series.

So yeah, I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts about Jeremy Sams loving Rosa? There's the photo he'd kept of the two of them, and maybe I'm misremembering but there was some hesitation from him when saying goodbye. I'll be honest, I've done similar things with the people I've loved, especially when the love was unrequited or I never had the guts to say.

It's a really stupid subject that probably doesn't have an answer, but I dunno. I just found it kinda sad and wanted to talk about it.

They definitely had feelings for each other, yes.

Visible Earth:
Oh wow, didn't think I'd get a message from you personally. Guess that settles that question. Listening to the piece Jeremy and Rosa. I feel Thomas Regin did a great job getting the point across as well.

God I loved that music! I remember splitting it in two. One version for the apartment and another for the highline. The OST has both pieces together.


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