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Wow, ECC looks great!


Hi Dave!

Just watched the new vidcast and wanted to say that ECC looks like it will be fantastic! :D

They are also talking about this game at Big Fish Games and can't wait until it is there so that I can get it then.

Thanks Linda and JMallone!  I'm excited (and slightly terrified!) to hear what people think about it. :)

I can't wait!!!

I have to say that what little I've seen of the marketing (the cover, artwork, and that's about it!) looks a little "young". This seems to be the sort of game that could really interest a broad demographic and, well, since I'm a keen fan that wants to see you making games forever... I was a little concerned that this might not get the attention it deserves!

Strange Visitor:
Don't worry about that.  I can tell you, it's not really young at all...it's all noir-y and detective-y and stuff.  The gameplay is pretty casual (cause that's how PlayFirst rolls) but it's still awesome for people of all ages.


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