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Emerald City Confidential update, please?

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I'm curious about something, and while trying to not be horribly impatient, a thought crossed my mind.  According to previous things I have read on these forums, there is still beta testing or something similar still to be done.  My question here is, is it going well enough that ECC will be released during January, or are there any known setbacks?  Thanks in advance for anything you can tell us!


Hi Xayla.  There are no setbacks that I'm aware of.  I'm not sure of the exact date, but I expect it to be toward the end of the month.  It's up to PF, really. :)

Thanks Dave :)

I pretty much figured that was the case, but I appreciate having it confirmed!  Thanks again!

Thanks for replying, I was interested as well.  Looks like it'll be out around the time of my birthday, then.  What a great gift!

Yessireebob, I'm also waiting for this game!  I'm thinking of activating an account at PlayFirst so I will be able to get it right away and not wait for it to reach my usual account at another place.


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