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Author Topic: Aug-Sept 2008 fanart contest: The rest!  (Read 5210 times)

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Aug-Sept 2008 fanart contest: The rest!
« on: September 10, 2008, 03:25:25 PM »
The following entries win a consolation prize!  Sorry if you didn't win but thanks for entering!  All the entries were cool, in their way, and it was very hard to choose.  Anyway, drop me a PM on this forum and I'll give you a link to your consolation prize.

"Blackwell beach party?" by Creed Malay! Rosa and Joey drawn in the sand.  Very cool.

"The Convergence Cast" by Layabout! Ryan does a sketch of various Blackwell characters.  He even includes Moti the dog! :)

"Lauren and Joey" by Alison Kenefeck! Alison does a rendition of Joey and Lauren as played by real life actors.

"Blackwell 911" by Rebecca Russell Rebecca shows how Rosa and Joey deal with the aftermaths of September 11th.

Phew!  This contest was great fun.  Thanks for all the entries, guys!
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