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Windows 10 and fullscreen


Silent Warrior:
I'm going through this game for the second time - it's really very brown, I have to say.
One problem I have is that if I start the game in fullscreen mode, I only get a black screen (and music). Launching windowed works as expected.

Primordia is version GOG-10, whatever that means.
Video card is AMD R9 270 with driver set 17.6.2.
Windows version is preview build 16232. (I know it's asking a lot to support preview builds, but I'm hoping it's a known issue with a simple enough fix/workaround.)

First thought: try switching the driver mode from Direct3D to DirectDraw in winsetup.exe.  Let's see if that works, and go from there.

Also, there's some red in that palette too! :D

Silent Warrior:
And what do you know - the DD5 renderer works perfectly! Problem solved. I... suppose I could've tried that myself, actually.

Red? Oh, right - dem lasers!


Hope you enjoy!


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