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Convergence voice preview: Rosa Blackwell


Had the first recording session with Rebecca Whittaker, the lady who is voicing Rosa Blackwell this time around.  I thought you all would be interested in some preview samples:

-Rosa laments her current situation

-Rosa makes a deduction, but is totally wrong

-Rosa observes something that will make no sense out of context

And of course, what's a recording session without a blooper or two:

-Rebecca confuses me

-Rebecca tries out for the cheerleading squad

Some more samples!

- Rosa talks to her teddy bear

- Contemplating a late night

And the expected bloopers:

- Rebecca gets organized

- Rebecca contemplates a life of crime

That was a hilarious blooper about getting organized, but I'm sure that Rebecca will get it right in the end. In the meantime, it's funny.  :)

Both those unexpected bloopers are something else.  Good to know that there maybe a next game.  LOL


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