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Bug? (Grenade problem; spoilers]

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I've been enjoying Technobabylon a lot, but I've hit an impasse near the end.


In the end, there's a puzzle where you load a grenade into a drone, and then move it into position - either via a stopped turbine or a set of lifts. However, the grenade never detonates for me, regardless of which solution I try. Instead, I get the message that the drone was eaten up by machinery.

I've followed walkthroughs, but is there something I'm missing? I move the drone up into the entrance area of the room with Latha, have either Lao or Regis click the grenade on the drone, am told that the pin was pulled and the grenade placed in the drone's storage area, and then I either:

* Stop the turbine and move the drone across the still shaft and up behind the left side of the screen, when I receive the message that's been eaten up by the machinery.


* I move it across the elevator platforms, and again am told the same.

I tried reloading an earlier save from the beginning of the chapter and restarting, but no dice - it doesn't seem to recognize that a grenade was placed on the drone. Is there some special way to set the grenade that I'm missing, and that doesn't seem to be in walkthroughs? Or is this a bug?

I just registered to say this that YES, I am experiencing the same problem.
The grenade countdown is not starting after Regis puts it into the drone...

PLS fix :'(

Hello! I've not seen this one before, but I'll take a dig around in the guts of the game to see if I can identify the problem.

Just want to check, have you also allowed the grenade to count down without it being in the machinery? And if so, what happened to the drone?

The countdown doesn't starts, after the grenade is placed it is gone from the invertory and has no effect, I can record it if that helps :)

It might do! If possible, could you upload a save game from there as well?


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