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So we know that Technobabylon 2 is in development, and that it will use Unity instead of Adventure Game Studio.

My question is: will Wadjet Eye still publish it? I said this because at the moment this studio is focused on creating Adventure Game Studio games.

Personally, it'd be very interesting if Wadjet Eye published it. Technobabylon is one of their finest games, and the sequel looks pretty awesome.

Thank you! :)

Hopefully so, that was an awesome cyberpunk adventure game   8)

As far as I know, it's not "in production" so much as "James experimented with a few ideas that he might use." If he's full-tilt on another project, it's news to me. :) Rest assured I'd publish it if he wanted me to.

Wonder if James would ever consider making more "Nancy the Happy Whore" games? Was wondering about the sequel "Johnny Hurricane and the Pirates of the Third Reich". With help of VO's  from Wadjetgames it would be amazing   8)

Curious about Johnny Hurricane. He hasn't shared much of it with me yet, but I'd love to work with James again.


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