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Unusual graphical glitch in Gemini Rue

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I noticed that when I play as Delta during the gun tutorial, the practice targets are half normal, half scrambled graphics, with random pixels. I don't know what's the cause of this. I tried updating my drivers, didn't do anything. I tried changing resolution, also didn't do anything.
Here's a screenshot:


You are playing on Windows ?
Did you try in windowed mode ?

I am playing on Windows 7. I'll try playing in windowed mode, but the odd thing is, I never had to do that before in this game.
Okay, so I checked the windowed mode and it didn't fix the glitch.

Well i dont exactly what happened, but, it's the first time you play this game on that computer ?

The core issue with Gemini Rue is that it is a native 16 bit game, which most modern monitors can't handle properly. The good news is that I'm recompiling all our old games with the latest version of the AGS engine, which SHOULD take take of a lot of these issues.

The bad news is that the current AGS engine renders the game like THIS:

This... might take a while.  :'(


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