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Author Topic: Matthius' apartment bugs / gameplay issue  (Read 2136 times)

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Matthius' apartment bugs / gameplay issue
« on: January 11, 2017, 08:42:20 AM »
Hi, I'm new here. I'm playing Gemini Rue for the second time, but I'd honestly remembered the puzzles were better than this. I was stuck getting to the roof of Matthius' apartment and gave up, uninstalled the game.

At first the guards at the starecase. I tried to cancel my "walk to" command at the moment I saw a pixel of them by trying to walk back, but my command is negated, I keep walking towards them for another two seconds and I get shot. No, I said "go back" a while ago and it should be in time for me to survive. I see this as lazy programming, forcing a puzzle to be solved the one way you had in mind.

Then the second guard at the 6th floor. It is so frustrating that I tried to save bullets by taking out the first guard in one shot, then the computer takes over and just wastes the seven bullets I had left, while I could have gotten him and still have six bullets left for whatever to come. And save me the frustration of the next puzzle:

The door to the roof. There must be a savegame bug here, because saving at the very moment you hit the top of the stairs makes every action that is not right fail immediately, while you have a bit more time whenever you don't save at this point. Why does saving take away in-game time without telling me?

Hand on the door -> dead. Kick the door -> dead. Shoot the door -> dead. Try to shoot the guard before he gets you -> dead. Try Matthius to kick the door and kick the door yourself at the same time -> dead. Another time when I tried Matthius to kick the door, Azriel just says 'Maybe later'. Please, why? This trial and error is infuriating, especially now I know the answer by looking up a walkthrough. At least the last thing I mentioned here should be a valid option, because after that I didn't even think about the 'right' option anymore.

There was another bug earlier at Matthius' apartment. I should have triggered the guards (they warned me) but they wouldn't come after me when I fled to the balcony and I had to go back to the apartment to trigger them again for whatever reason, but I didn't know, so it took me like ten minutes to find out I had to just repeat the action which only risked to get me killed.

This is just too much for me.
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