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Hey there,

I am currently playing this incredibly awesome (!) game. I kept saving multiple times and after about 50 saves it would just overwrite the latest savegame and stop counting up. I understand this is a problem with AGS (maximum savegames).
So the problem now is: After deleting several save games it would use the number of existing savegames+1. Now I deleted a lot of savegames and have only 12 left. However, the latest savegame is still being overwritten and no new savegames are being generated.

Is there any solution? Thanks in advance. :)

PS: I did see the other thread concerning savegames (http://www.wadjeteyegames.com/forum/index.php?topic=3934.0) but it does not give me an answer to this problem and I did not want to bump the old thread.

I'll have to ask James about this (I've alerted him to this thread) but I'm wondering if you deleted the autosave as well? That might have confused the system. Hopefully he'll have an answer!

Hey Dave,

thanks for the reply. I had not deleted the autosave up until this problem had occured.

A solution I worked out is as follows:
1) rename the savegame folder (...\steamapps\common\Technobabylon\Saved Games)
2) start a new game (to recreate the savegame folder)
3) copy the most recent savegame (or the savegame you want to continue from) into the new folder
4) load that savegame
5) save in a new spot (agssave.001 will be created)
6) delete the old copied savegame

If you do not delete that savegame, the problem will reoccur. So again I think it does not have anything to do with the autosave.

Of course this does not solve the problem in itself but is a workaround. And I hope it helps future visitors that have the same issue.

At least I can now continue playing. :) Did I say, how awesome this game is? :D

Best wishes,

I think I remember seeing a similar issue arise a few years ago when an AGS game was creating save games in a folder that were read-only, possibly because it had come from Steam. This is the first time I've seen something like this happen, and it likely didn't arise in testing because we weren't using Steam in the test build, but my suggestions would have been a) right click on the save games folder, and check if the "Read Only" setting is ticked in properties, and if that didn't work then b) Exactly what you ended up doing anyway!

Glad you're enjoying it, I shall have to go and make some more!

Interesting work around! Thanks for letting us know. :)


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