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Author Topic: a Very Important Question about Rosa and Joey (not really)  (Read 1392 times)

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a Very Important Question about Rosa and Joey (not really)
« on: July 16, 2016, 08:11:54 PM »
The end of Blackwell Convergence left me with burning questions:

What sites did Rosa show Joey to convince him of this getting-clients-from-the-internet idea?

Did Rosa make her website with some webhosting site like geocities or angelfire? How terrible was her website design? Did Joey have any input in it, genuine or sarcastic? Did she include him at all in the process? How offended would Joey's tastes have been by some of the janky websites out there? Did she ever dig up any crazy sites to prove to Joey that they could write just about anything without 'getting thrown in the looney bin'? Does Joey end up liking anything about the internet? How much does Rosa regret any part of this process?

Oh god, did Rosa ever show off commenting systems or old website guestbooks to Joey? Would the idea of Joey possibly getting to talk directly to someone who isn't Rosa or a ghost have ever come up, since Rosa could use a computer and type on Joey's behalf? How would Joey feel about the opportunity to speak to people who aren't Blackwells or ghosts? (Not that I see Joey as eager to interact with the living again, and not that I can see Rosa happily using her time to transcribe Joey's thoughts, but it possibly could have come up while talking him into the whole internet thing, couldn't it have?) Is Joey the kind of guy to get in a fight in the comments section?

I'm not sure when exactly in the 2000s these games take place in, but the first few were at least in the mid 2000s, when Livejournal was still relevant - did Rosa have a livejournal? Did she ever join paranormal communities looking for leads (and then quietly unfollow them when they were completely off-target or destroyed by weird internet drama)??

I have to know what (likely short-lived and undoubtedly hilarious) experience these two had with modern technology and the internet.

(okay I mean these aren't SERIOUS questions, I just binged the whole series and I'm dealing with it by pondering stupid questions and scenarios and imagining how they'd play out. Maybe I'll turn it into a fic someday. how are you guys doing?)