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Author Topic: A few thoughts/theories on The Blackwell series (SPOILER ALERT)  (Read 3474 times)

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So this is my first post here, hello everybody! I recently completed the entire Blackwell series and needless to say, I'm a HUGE fan of it! From Legacy to Epiphany the entire series was near perfection and despite a lot of questions being answered by the time Epiphany was finished, I loved the fact that some parts still had you scratching your head. Anyway, these are a few of my theories that I've deduced having played through the games a few times.

Despite Madeline turning out to be the main antagonist in the Blackwell series, I still think Gavin Chord was behind a lot of the major events that took place. From what we know about these "positive energy vampires", they are able to live far longer lives than the normal human due to the energy they feed off of other's happiness and good vibes and Gavin even went as far as to say that he has lived for centuries.

The main point is, I think that Gavin is the one who gave Jocelyn Contis the idea to banish Madeline back in the 1930s, thus creating "The Countess". Gavin said he lives for centuries and assuming that Blackwell Deception takes place around 2011, 1931, the year Jocelyn and Madeline saved Joey's soul, while it was certainly a long time ago, was still not a century ago, so we have every right to assume that Gavin was alive around the 1920s and 30s. From what we can see from the two short flashback sequences in Blackwell Epiphany Jocelyn was clearly unhappy about being a medium and viewed it as a huge inconvenience in her life. The scene where Jocelyn makes the decision to leave Madeline in the void has a lot of parellels to that scene in Blackwell Deception when Rosa does the same to Joey. Both seemed like they would be happier without their spirit guides hovering over their shoulders.

With all this in mind, it is safe to assume that Gavin was the one who told her how she can leave her spirit guide in the dust and abandon her duty as a Bestower and fed off her positive energy, like he did with Jamie and Tiffany and attempted to do with Rosa. When all her energy was drained by Gavin, her mind broke to the point where Jocelyn Contis was no more, and she eventually became The Countess.

Another theory I have is that Gavin played a role in the mental demise of Lauren Blackwell. Even though it's confirmed that Lauren suffered from her mental collapse as a result of Madeline possessing her and boring a hole in her mind which let the universe pour through her mind, Gavin was the one who initially gave her the idea for her to stop doing her duty as The Bestower, Gavin essentially manipulated her into resuming contact with her brother and for her to go to the wedding, much to Joey's annoyance. When Lauren stopped saving spirits completely when she was raising Rosa, Madeline came into play and subsequently and subsequently possessed her, creating the hole in her mind which caused her mental collapse.  Seeing as how we don't know that much about Patricia Blackwell, it's hard to say if Gavin played a role in what happened to her.

Another theory I had that isn't related to Madeline or Gavin is the antagonist in the first game, The Deacon. I have reason to believe that when he was alive, The Deacon was a Bestower who might have accidentally discovered the way to abandon his spirit guide and thus got disconnected from him or her. Insanity struck him in a different way in the form of paranoia that he was going to burn in hell for his sins. In fact, Madeline says in Blackwell Epiphany that he was so "driven by fear that he created the devil out of thin air." Of course, that paranoia still continued after death. I don't believe that in Blackwell Legacy, the demon was actually Satan or something like that or whoever rather it was an extension of The Deacon and his fears. His fears created a separate entity, similar to that of Tanya/Heather in Blackwell Epiphany.

Now, I know that this is a long post, but I'd like to see other Blackwell fan's take on these theories...
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Re: A few thoughts/theories on The Blackwell series (SPOILER ALERT)
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I don't know. The part about Gavin manipulating Jocelyn makes sense but the one about about Lauren kinda doesn't. If she was being preyed on by Gavin why didn't she feel any adverse effects until Madeleine.
I do feel like Gavin kind of came out of nowhere and his fellow energy vampires never get told about in satisfying way so I see your need to tie him to something.
I also am on the bandwagon that there should be another game set in the blackwell universe featuring the energy vampires being hunted down by the now living Joey and/or Sam Durkin.
On the other hand, Unavowed seems close enough.