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I was wondering if technobabylon was yet released as a Linux version anywhere, and if not if it is also an AGS game? If it is an AGS game without plugins I can just run it with the regular Linux runtime.

Thank you!

It is built using AGS, but sadly it uses some proprietary plugins. Some have (non-functional) replacements to at least get the game starting: https://github.com/adventuregamestudio/ags/issues/205#issuecomment-128658046

TMM, you can play Technobabylon on Linux without any issue.
I finished the game with my own runtime ;)

Thanks! I'll go buy it then!

I just thought I'd update this topic by saying that technobabylon works great with the AGS engine binary I compiled from github. It should be possible to release a Linux version officially too if wadjeteye is still interested in supporting our little platform.


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