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Which ending did you choose on your first playthrough? [Spoilers]

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I chose to kill both Tiberius and Danton, since it seemed like both of them would rule with an iron fist. I was right, since even Danton would have been a mass murderer.

Solemn Gong:
I killed Tiberius. I figured Danton was the lesser of two evils, but boy was I wrong.

I sided with Danton. On a meta-level I knew it was a mug's choice because whenever a game gives you a choice between side-with-A, side-with-B, and a third way, the right answer is always the third way*, but I just couldn't see Amy murdering an ally in cold blood like that. Er, but I may have talked about this before.

*All time best example: Drowned God
Arguable exception: Fallout New Vegas

I had an inkling you would have to choose between the two, and I really wasn't looking forward to it.

Right from the start I thought Danton was dodgy (not as bad as Tiberius, but still).  Honestly, the first thing she gets you to do after you sign up as a double agent is go and network with folks who are hesitant supporters when you know Tiberius is watching.

Danton's rant towards the end sealed my decision to get rid of both.

I killed them both.  Danton's intentions were good but she was willing to achieve her goals by killing innocent people. Making them as equally as bad as each other.


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