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Move to Windows 10 from 7 (clean install) Where are my save games?

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I just installed Windows 10 (clean) and I want to play ECC from my last savegame. I still have all the Windows 7 files, but cannot find the savegame. I found a folder with highscore.dat and prefs.dat, but that does not seem to be the savegame.

Please help, I was nearly at the end.

I regret to say that this was a work-for-hire project, and one that I didn't program myself. The folks at PlayFirst stopped supporting this game several years ago. I will try and get in touch with the guy programmed the game. Hopefully he remembers how the save function works!

Thank you very much. I guess Adobe flash saves the game somewhere, but haven't been able to figure it out. The coder should know I guess.

Thanks again.

It is not Adobe Flash.
Those two files highscore.dat and prefs.dat are your saved games! Those are only files I have for Playfirst games (besides logfile.txt).

I don't know why your game does not see them. Maybe Windows 10 puts them in different folder than Windows 7?

Oh, and if I rebember correctly, Playfirst games are very picky as for their location. That is, if I move the game to another folder, old saves do not work any more.

Cool thanks, somehow I have a new system where I install my games in Winblows10 (Upgrade has been nothing but trouble tbh).

Now it works. Thanks so much!  ;D


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