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Fantastic game.


Hello, I just wanted to congragulate Wadjet Eye Games for another amazing adventure game!

It's one of the games I most enjoyed, specially the story, and visual design. The setting, tone, and colorful artwork felt like fresh air for me. I'm looking forward to see more from Grundislav, I'll bought Shardlight once it's released.

Hopefully there will be more games with a setting similar to A Golden Wake. Would love a 1940s detective noir thriller from Wadget Eye.

Good luck Wadget Eye, I hope you continue making fantastic video games for a long time!

Thank you, I really appreciate comments like these :)

Story was really good. I love the Alfie Banks character development. The art is fantastic, too. Like I said, it's fresh air for me. Congragulations on an amazing game, one of my favourites from WE so far.


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