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Alternative font?

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Love your games!
Is there a way to change the font? Especially the smaller one is really hard for me to read..

I don't think that it is possible in game however if you go to win setup.exe in the directory of the game there maybe some settings to change the resolution to make the font bigger, just guessing here but that may be your best bet.

No luck :(

I don't think there is an official way to change fonts.
But there was an unofficial trick that worked for me at least on earlier AGS games.
You can try if you want! Just choose some other font you like, place it in the game directory - and name it agsfnt1.ttf and/or agsfnt2.ttf, agsfnt3.ttf, agsfnt4.ttf. One of those names could work (or not).

Good idea, didn't work though

"Error: Unable to load font 2, no renderer could load a matching file."


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